Module: BizQuality

Module: BizQuality


BizQuality Module is a Quality Control Management and Traceability System which needs for manufacturing that produces goods or services that effect to consumers and animal health and environment. Therefore, we have to find a system that can help us to manage, control, and protect all causes that are factors for our goods and service quality. Also any tool to help us to avoid all tariff barriers or international regulations especially in food, drug, beverage, and electronics industries.


  • Management compliance (GMP, Halal, HACCP, etc.), group, and question/criteria of each compliance by yourselves
  • Define checklist in suitable formats for specific processes (before/after purchase, before production, and receiving finish goods)
  • Record all Q.C. documents and grading inspection result automatically for all versions and traceability
  • Share these Q.C. information for  related department such as
    • which can also forward to purchasing department for issuing price
    • which can forward to the specific production unit to reprocess until it meets the required specification
    • which can forward to the specific warehouse for the balance and location of each lot
  • Enable you Traceability through all Q.C. documents and and production activities backward & forward

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