Module: BizProduction

Module: BizProduction


Production Module (Manufacturing) allows all business units to connect together; managements, production officers, production units for the whole manufacturing.  Which means your business can work collaborated well with the same database. Accounting, financial, stock or inventory, sale or marketing, quality control, and procurement departments can create document and send forwardly to the next person to do their job immediately.  Finally the management will know their cost of goods in a second. That means management can have profit by Job Order, by Product item, and know accurate revenue regarding the same product item real-time.


  • Supports both Discrete and Process Production Job Order
  • Create Bill Of Material – for Single and Multi Level BOM of goods; which consists of direct raw material(s), by product (s), direct labor, over head, work in process account, and unlimited BOM for each product
  • Barcode and RFID supports
  • User defined users’ role and authorization for each production unit and sub unit
  • More than 400 Reports to support both operations and management point of view such a:
    •  production planning in term of raw material,
    • machines availability,
    •  raw mat usage and loss,
    •  % Job order complete searching by product or customer.


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