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Module BizPOS for Retailer

BizPOS Module is designed for retailers which normally have several branches. Despite the increased sales channels, it also creates communication problems. BizPOS improves their communication by connecting them through Internet. Headquarter can now monitor stock and revenue in real time. Price adjustment and promotion can be scheduled upfront and can be activated in one click and effective all branches immediately. BizPOS works with any web browsers with capabilities to work with peripherals like barcode scanner, thermal printer, cash drawer, touchscreen monitor, etc.

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BizProduction for Manufacturer

BizProduction is a module designed for manufacturing business. It improves your customer satisfaction by improving on-time delivery, in good quality and in budget. The system helps on production planning process by calculating as raw material check, production unit availability, and delivery schedules. During production, the system helps on controlling semi product and finished goods delivery and colleting waste data and related expenses to calculate the production cost by lot.

— We make your business easy and fun everyday. BizVelocity — We boost your business to new heights —


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BizStandard for Trading Business

BizStandard is a module designed for trading business covering procurement, sales, inventory control, finance and accounting. By acting as a heart of business, it collects from all departments and processes data centrally . As a result, the stock is correct and real-time. The cost analysis is precise. Collaboration in team is improved by built-in workflow which will reduce duplicated data entry and human errors.

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